The “Changing Change” Study Guide

Changing Change Study GuideNew, online Study Guide course!

The Changing Change course contains material from the WECCE book and from the Workbook & Study Guide developed to support the promises made in the 9 Changes in that book. In this exploration, I will touch on many of the things that I said in the book itself, but also add to and expand on what was said there, offering an opportunity to delve more deeply into both the meaning and the nuance of the original material.

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Downloadable Study Guide

A companion to the groundbreaking text that introduces a new combination of modern psychology and contemporary spirituality in the WECCE TECHNOLOGY, based on the messages in Conversations with God.

This is a special downloadable study guide which you can use to further your own study, or understand WECCE and your own life more deeply.

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Spiritual Coaching

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Throughout the text of When Everything Changes, Change Everything there is strong emphasis on staying connected if and when you are going through a major life change. Do not, the book says, “self-isolate.” Resist the temptation to withdraw. Instead, reach out.

Share with a loved one, find a relative or friend, go to a member of the clergy, seek professional counseling–do something, anything, to avoid going through what you are going through, alone.

If you find it helpful, useful, and comfortable to do so, use The CWG Helping Outreach™ as a resource.

If that is why you are reading this right now, we are glad you have come here. THO offers many levels of interaction with people who are familiar with the material in When Everything Changes, Change Everything and the Conversations with God books on which it is based. On the Emotional and Spiritual Support page of this website members of the THO Spiritual Helpers Team will respond to your postings within 24 hours or less. The service is free.

Please Note: No person listed as a resource on this page represents himself or herself to be a licensed professional counselor or psychiatrist. All of those named here have trained to offer their spiritual assistance within the framework of a peer relationships only. The coaches listed here have known and worked closely with Neale Donald Walsch, and understand the Conversations with God material deeply, yet while their personal spiritual research and preparation may be extensive, it should not be construed to be academic, or to substitute for formal training. If you feel that your condition or circumstance is serious enough to warrant professional guidance counseling, formal psychological assistance, or psychiatric medical intervention, please consult with a fully accredited, credentialed, and licensed Care Provider. The persons on this page offer spiritual advice only. Additionally, the coaches listed have no fiduciary or administrative connection or association with Neale Donald Walsch, the Conversations with God Foundation, or any other organization or individual, but offer their spiritual advice on an individual-to-individual basis.

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  1. Joe Bright
  2. Annie Sims
  3. J.R. Westen, D.D.
  4. Nova Wightman