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Who We Are, What We Do, and Why

The CWG Helping Outreach™ was created by poet Em Claire and author Neale Donald Walsch as an outgrowth of the messages contained in the book When Everything Changes, Change Everything.

This website is self-governing and self-regulating–a place where people from all walks of life and from everywhere on the earth may gather. The intention is to provide a space for the creation of a caring, compassionate global community, where people who are faced with unexpected and unwelcome change may come, may share their experiences, may seek spiritual support and guidance, and may offer such support to others.

Now, as humanity faces the biggest challenge of its evolutionary history–the challenge of unremitting and unrelenting change–we are being invited to change everything in order to meet this challenge. And by changing everything, what is meant is the changing of thoughts and ideas about God, about Life, about Who We Are in relationship to both, to ourselves, and to each other; about the reason and the purpose of life, about its functioning—how it works and why it works the way it works—and about the process by which we are all empowered to do what we came to physical life to accomplish.

This website consists of a variety of public Forums in which you are invited to post, and to reply to the postings of others. We expect that by this means many people will move from suffering to service in the process of their own growth through change.

A team of volunteer Spiritual Helpers monitors this site seven days a week, and a Spiritual Helper will respond with suggestions, words of support, and spiritual guidance to any person who enters a post in any of the many Forums here.

Em and Neale are partners in marriage. They are not directly reachable through this website. Persons interested in contacting either may do so at their personal websites:


The Old Idea That No Longer Works

Our Old Idea about most of this arises out of our Story of Separation. We are separate from God, we have told each other. And, in some strange way, we are separate from life. We are living it, but we are not controlling it or creating it or directing it in any real way. We are also, we have said, separate from each other. We are even separate from our Selves—in the sense that we don’t know ourselves, have never forgiven ourselves, and have not learned to love ourselves. Not really. Not truly. Not completely.

This has been our story. This has been our tragic tale. And this is what we must change. We must change the one single thought that has done more to undo humanity and its highest intentions than anything else—the thought that we are not All One. This is the Change That Will Change Everything—including change itself.

I am talking here about a massive change in our thinking. I am talking about creating and living a whole new Cultural Story; a whole new idea of what it means to be human.

Life’s Chief Component

It is important to understand that the chief component of life is change. Change is the basic nature of life. Life is always altering its composition, always shifting is structure, always moving its pieces around. Nothing remains static; nothing remains the same for even a nanosecond. At some deep level we have always known this. And our experience has substantiated what we have intuitively understood. Yet we have not known why everything changes. And we have not known how to control what changes, when it changes, how it changes, or whether it changes. Thus, change has been in control of us.

This is what we must change if we are to change the way change has changed us. Because it has changed us—and not always in beneficial ways. People have changed. Society has changed.

People have changed. Society has changed. Life on the street, and life on the earth, has changed. Relationships have changed. Politics have changed. Economies have changed. The whole ball of wax, everything, is different. And people are suffering because of it—because they do not know how to deal with change, much less create it the way they want to experience it. Most of us do not know who we are, or what we are doing here. What we need is a new idea of what we came here (to physicality) to accomplish…and of our basic identity.

Our Objective

The CWG Helping Outreach is built around a single objective: to change Suffering to Service in the reality of humanity. We are very clear that this will change Change Itself. It will change the way change is affecting us—by not only changing the way change is being experienced, but the way it is being created. In other words, by putting us in charge here.

This takes healing to a new level. This is about more than just closing a wound.

This is about opening a path. In a time of turmoil, a path to peace.

Where You Come In

Where do you come in? Wherever you want to. You can become involved in all of this at the level that you feel benefits you the most. The CC Network is a global gathering of people who seek each other and find each other, who help each other and get help from each other, in both the virtual community of the internet and the on-the-ground communities of the world.

These people have read or are now reading When Everything Changes, Change Everything, and base their approach to life changes on the Nine Changes That Can Change Everything that form the WECCE Technology (this refers to the Mechanics of the Mind and the System of the Soul as described in detail in When Everything Changes, Change Everything. Hence, the acronym “WECCE”).

Many of these readers are now choosing to study this material more deeply, to learn how to not only apply the WECCE Technology in their own lives, but to share it with others in a way that is helping and healing.

To join the Network, simply join now.

How You Can Contact Us

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For general info, technical support, or Spiritual Helper inquiries, please simply send an email.

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