Helping Others

Often we are asked how one might “give back” to this site, after having received benefit from it. Our sincere hope is that many of those who come here will move “from Suffering to Service”, returning sometimes only weeks, or perhaps many months, later, feeling excited and ready to jump in and be of help in some way.

This could take the form of sharing the wisdom remembered through your own suffering, by posting on the forums. If you get comfortable enough with the WECCE tools, and CWG cosmology, consider asking if there is any need for a Spiritual Helper on the site, and volunteer.

Others may not have a great deal of spare time available because their life has taken off in exciting directions, but would like to make a financial contribution.

For these reasons, we provide this “How You Can Help” button, providing you with an opportunity to satisfy the impulse that you may feel to assist this helping outreach of the Conversations with God community, through the CWG Helping Outreach, to continue its mission.

How You Can Help

This site and the activity here is absolutely free, and we want you never to feel an obligation of any kind to make a financial exchange for your participation.

I’m happy you have come here and hope you will return as long as you feel benefited from doing so.

If you would like to support this activity, I invite you to consider sharing $3 as an expression of your agreement with what you see happening here. This small amount would assist us in covering our costs here.

Thank you so much for helping cover expenses in this way if you can.
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Become a Spiritual Helper

Has your life been changed by the message of Conversations With God? Do you wish there was some way you could share how the message worked, and helped you in your life, with others?

There is a way.

The Spiritual Helper volunteers assist people in finding practical spiritual tools to use in times of extreme change. These volunteers know the material in Conversations with God and When Everything Changes, Change Everything intimately, and commits to, among other things, two days a month being the first responder when a person posts a question about how to go through their dramatic change on the site.

This is a wonderful opportunity to enter into a true spiritual ministry. And you don’t have to worry about “not knowing how to do this.” Once a quarter Neale holds a training call to answer questions you may have about CWG in general, about how its messages apply to the problems and challenges which people discuss on the site, and about ways that you might best respond and interact on the site. In addition, once a year Neale offers the Spiritual Helpers free on-site participation as a back-of-the-room observer at one of his spiritual renewal retreats, and works with the Spiritual Helpers in private sessions during the retreat, exploring in highly personal discussions everything he knows about the CWG messages and how to apply them to people in the group who are seeking spiritual growth.

So, I ask you: Do you feel called to help others, but just don’t know how? Do you know the Conversations with God material, realize its power, and wish to share it? Do you have a little extra time?

Perhaps you were attracted to CWG for a reason. Perhaps you are being given the opportunity to be a Spiritual Helper.

Interested? Post and see if you can imagine yourself there as one of our Spiritual Helpers. Begin to offer gentle spiritual counsel before becoming an “official” member of the Spiritual Helper team. Then, if you feel the impulse to offer your help more often, and on a regular basis that can be counted on, send an email and offer your commitment to check into the site two days a month to see if anybody new has posted, respond within 24 hours if someone has, and follow through with the poster as needed.

It’s as simple – and as wonderful – as that.

The Changing Change Network is a global network of people “being there” for other people. If you have been feeling the impulse to look for your spiritual ministry in the world, you may have just found it.

Let us know. And thanks for reading this.


(please continue reading for more detail of what Being a Spiritual Helper means.)

What does it take to become a Spiritual Helper?

Let me first state the obvious:

It takes a desire to help others, or, as CWG puts it, a desire to give people back to themselves.

Beyond that there are practical criteria that must be met:

Deep knowledge of the concepts of CWG, and in particular the “When Everything Changes, Change Everything” (WECCE) book.

This brings with it a requirement to have read, or be committed to reading, all 10 “Conversation” books, plus “Happier Than God”, “The Storm Before the Calm”, “The Only Thing That Matters”, “What God Said”, “God’s Message to the World: You’ve got me all wrong.” and “Conversations With God, book 4 Awaken the Species”.

Please join the site and begin posting on the CWG Helping Outreach forums. We need to get to know you! Posting will allow us to see how well you articulate your understanding in writing, and will demonstrate a commitment to the site.

If you are then certain that you would wish to become a Spiritual Helper, you will be required to:

  • Be scheduled for two days a month as the primary Helper (who will respond, on those days, to anyone posting within 24hrs of their posting.)
  • Two days as backup to the primary. (In case the primary can’t be there for some reason, or it is a particularly busy day.)
  • Agree to keep all communication between Helper and helped member strictly on the site.
  • Be committed to following through with help given to a poster on your scheduled days.
  • Be comfortable representing yourself strictly as a Volunteer Spiritual Helper, and not as your off-site profession. (If applicable.)

Neale has also strongly suggested that all get to a retreat at least once, so that we can see what actually goes on “in the room”, and how Neale interacts with people. It is encouraged that we start saving, literally, our spare change and give up some small thing (cigarettes, one beer a week, one cup of fast coffee, or one movie a week or month, etc.) and plan a year in advance, if need be, to get to one.

You will receive ongoing training via access to Neale Donald Walsch!

  • Via 1hr. quarterly teleconference calls with Neale and the Helpers. (With access to archived calls/transcripts.)
  • Via free access to any NDW, or CWG Foundation retreats.

Spiritual Helpers get a first look at the newest NDW books!

If all of this works for you, please send an email.

Note: There are not always “official” slots open, but I would like to ask you to still consider offering your wisdom on the site unofficially. There is always mutual benefit, and there is always the joy of serving to be had, and being able to demonstrate “who you really are”.