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Welcome to The CWG Helping Outreach, a community of caring people from around the world who have read or are now reading When Everything Changes, Change Everything and who have come here to get help or to give help or, perhaps, to do both.

This Outreach was created by Neale Donald Walsch, author of the Conversations with God series of books, and his wife, Em Claire, out of their deep desire to do what they could to make it possible for no person to ever have to feel alone during a critical time of major, unexpected, and unwelcome life change. This desire grew out of Neale embracing of the central and life-transforming message of the nine Conversations with God books—that We Are All One—and his commitment to place the first tenet of When Everything Changes, Change Everything into the world in a practical, hands-on, meaningful way.

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What You Will Need

When Everything Changes, Change Everything brings us tools with which to do that, in the form of Nine Changes That Can Change Everything, a step-by-step program emerging from a blending of the Mechanics of the Mind and the System of the Soul. This combination of modern psychology and contemporary spirituality comprises what Neale has called the WECCE Technology, a powerful resource in times of turmoil.

To use this technology most effectively, we believe it will prove beneficial to take more than a cursory look at its component parts those Nine Changes referenced above and to expand your interaction with this material beyond a one-time reading of the WECCE text. Thus Neale has turned When Everything Changes, Change Everything into an online community, allowing you connect with other readers and a team of responders who have read all of the Conversations with God books and are deeply backgrounded in this material.

Persons who wish to interact directly with the author are invited to explore those opportunities at

Guidance and emotional and spiritual support is offered on this site by a team of Spiritual Helpers, and you can even find fee-based Spiritual Coaching services, offered by persons with over a decade of immersion in the Conversations with God cosmology as presenters, teachers, and assistors of others.

In addition, this website is designed to provide further resources, allowing you to move beyond the scope of any single approach to dealing with the challenges of change by offering you other avenues to investigate, many pathways to healing if healing is needed, and a variety of approaches to restoring the self to wholeness, peace and joy in life once again.

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On the Questions About the Book forum you can ask any question about anything in When Everything Changes, Change Everything and receive an answer from the Reader Response Team within 24 hours or less.

On the Emotional and Spiritual Support forum you will find the Spiritual Helpers Team, a group of people who are deeply familiar with the material in all of the Conversations with God books and who stand ready to offer peer support and spiritual guidance based on the messages in the CwG cosmology.

Also here you can connect with CwG Spiritual Coaches who offer their advanced coaching services by telephone appointment on a fee basis.

On the Personal Stories page members can post their own personal stories of successfully dealing with unexpected and unwelcome change.

The Become a Spiritual Helper forum is a way for you to expand your experience of any life change you may have encountered, allowing you to use that life event as a pathway and a means of helping others learn about the Nine Changes That Can Change Everything that form the WECCE Technology, and how they can find support in applying that technology to their lives.

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This online community was inspired by the book When Everything Changes, Change Everything by Neale Donald Walsch. For more about the book, click below!

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