We’re on our way to a New Tomorrow

I am excited by what I am seeing in the art world and what it says about the direction in which our civilization is moving. Have you seen the new television series on CBS called God Friended Me? If not, you really want to catch it. It’s about a man who is being “friended” by God. I don’t want to give away anything more about the plot line, but I do want to say that it is a very positive storyline, an the very fact that a notion such as this could make it onto one of the Big Three television networks as a regular weekly series says huge things about what message-senders are up to, and audiences are open to, right now.

Then there is the latest hit show on Broadway, called The Prom. It is about a high school that cancelled its prom because a female student wanted to bring her girlfriend as her date. A snippet of the show was presented as a featured element in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, telecast globally by NBC, and the dance number from the show ended with the student and her girlfriend embracing and kissing. Tears came to both my eyes and those of my wife, Em, as we looked at each other in joyous disbelief that such a sequence would be nationally televised as part of an annual American holiday tradition with no commentary of any kind, treating it just as it should be treated: as a normal facet of human life and love.

Things are changing, my wonderful friends. And these are not small signs. I am so grateful to see God, and Love, winning out. We are at last coming to the conclusion that we are all One. But now, Fair Question Time: If we really are all One, where does one soul end and another begin? Is the soul sharply defined and abruptly edged, identifiable by its limits and shape, as is the body?

If two souls hover together in the firmament, is there is a space where the first soul exists and the second soul exists? If so, what’s between them? What is the substance that separates them?

Could it be that there is no substance that separates them, but only a substance that connects them—being simply a different vibration of the Same Substance Of Which They Are Made?

When you walk from one room of your house into another, where, precisely, does the air of the first room end and the air of the second begin? At the exact nanosecond that the clock strikes midnight, is it the end of one day or the start of another?

What is this place in Time and Space called “both/and”? What happened to “either/or”?

Could it be that when the energy that I call the Essential Essence is coalesced, differentiated or delineated, we call it a “soul,” and that when it is simply Present in an undifferentiated, non-localized, non-concentrated form, we call it All That Is?

Could it be that the soul is both Singular and Plural? Could it be that it is both permeable and impermeable, unduplicated in its singularity (there are no two snowflakes alike—and no two souls alike), and yet duplicating at the most fundamental level The Singularity Itself?

Could it be that the soul is receiving energy from all around it, and sending energy to all around it?

Could it be that what we call “life” is nothing more (and, miracle of miracles, nothing less) than a constant, never-ending process of energy exchange between all the elements of Life? Is the mechanism that runs the cosmos the same as the mechanism that runs Life in all of its forms—even its sub-molecular form? Is the “system” in which we live a System operating on a Singular Energy that permeates everyone, and is therefore useable by everyone?

Could it be that God (life’s Pure, Undifferentiated Energy) was always intended to be used to serve our purposes, rather than we being used to serve God’s? Or, to be more complete with this thought, that the two are actually one, since we are all One, and we just don’t know it?

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