Spiritual Coach: Thunder Molloy

Spiritual coaches in alphabetical order:

  1. Sophie Lise Fargue
  2. Kevin McCormack
  3. Thunder Molloy
  4. Annie Sims
  5. J.R. Westen, D.D.
  6. Nova Wightman

Thunder MalloyConnect with THO SPIRITUAL COACH Thunder Molloy

End-of-Life coaching is about living your life knowing that there isn’t much time.

It’s about leaning into issues resulting from changes in your life. Changes require that we let go — let go of a relationship, a job, an identity, our independence, a loved one, or life itself. Feelings of fear and a sense of loss often result. In order to create something new or to welcome in a profound shift in reality, we must learn to embrace What Is. Critical questions now can begin to emerge:

  • Who Am I now?
  • Am I living in accordance what I value?
  • How do I want to complete this chapter?
  • If I died tomorrow, would I be at peace with myself and others?

These are important inquiries during big upheavals. There is a quickening of the soul when we realize that our time here is very short indeed.

End-of-Life coaching offers compassionate, clear support as you traverse from one phase of life to another. It is designed for those who realize that “there is not much time” and are willing to dive into the deeper aspects of their being. There is a sense of urgency that you can’t shake. Your energies become more dispersed or more keenly focused, depending on your coping mechanisms. Your values have shifted. You are ready to tease apart these values and act in accordance with your true heart desires.

There are things you do, ways to be in this world that are deep and satisfying to your soul. Go there. Learn what brings energy into your life and what takes energy away.

Lean into your challenges, the shadow parts of yourself, and wrestle them to the ground. Call in your support and align with the God of your heart. If there is not much time, do it now

Together you and I will collaborate to identify and create practices that support you in living the rest of your life to the fullest.

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* No one is ever turned away for financial reasons. We believe everyone should have access to coaching support while working through transitions. For that reason, if you can’t afford the standard fee, we will work out a fee that works with your budget.

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