Spiritual Coach: Sophie Lise Fargue

Spiritual coaches in alphabetical order:

  1. Sophie Lise Fargue
  2. Kevin McCormack
  3. Thunder Molloy
  4. Annie Sims
  5. J.R. Westen, D.D.
  6. Nova Wightman

Sophie Lise Fargue Life CoachConnect with THO SPIRITUAL COACH Sophie Lise Fargue

Reconnecting with my soul when I was in my twenties felt like being born-again, with new eyes and a new appreciation for Life.

Then, I was lucky to meet with many great teachers, authors and therapists along the way.

With infinite compassion they helped me develop my potential as a Life coach and Energetic healer, but even more essentially they made me realize how important it is to be Who You Are to the best of your abilities everyday, with as much love and joy as you can.

I volunteered as a WECCE Spiritual Helper a couple years ago and it was a beautiful experience, and a lot of my philosophy is embedded in Neale’s wisdom.

His honesty and humility have been great sources of inspiration for me, ever since.

In my counselling sessions I use Coaching techniques, Energetic Healing, the P.E.A.T Process (a wonderful and efficient way to move from duality to unity), and humor…And highly recommend petting your animals, kissing children’s chubby cheeks and walking in nature.

One more thing..I am French but my accent isn’t. You’ll have to forgive me for that!

I look forward to helping you discover what a wonderful person you are and how much Life loves you, always, all ways.

Blessed be



Please email me to schedule an appointment. The first coaching session is free. Follow-ups are as follows:

Coaching Sessions, $55/50 min
PEAT Session, $75/1 hour
Energetic Healing/Guidance, $100/ 1h30

These are negotiable if you are facing financial difficulties. No one is ever turned away because of inability to pay.